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Why should I use oil additives?


Why should I use oil additives?

There arenow many kinds of additives claiming they can improve the engine protection,and different brands have different mechanism of publicity. Following is abrief introduction of several types:

1)graphite, molybdenum disulfide and other solid suspension products, play a mainrole of antifriction and wear reduction, but can only be applied to solidlubrication and low speed heavy load equipment. They do not have any effectwhen the engine turns over 1000r/min. In addition, it is unstable in thelubricating oil, in a certain amount of time and temperature conditions,precipitation phenomenon occur. Precipitates can cause plugging of the oil way,and accelerate sludge.

2) Teflonresin particle type as antiwear agent in the United States for a wide range,but it will be deposited at low temperatures caused by congestion, and lossesof activity deposited on the piston ring slot in the oil channel, pump setfilters, and accelerate sludge formation, so now rarely recommended.

3)”chlorine"is a good extreme pressure agents, but not suitable for high-speed andhigh temperature work environment of the engine, and create acid under suitableconditions, harmful potentially to metal. In addition, chlorine additives mayhave matching problems with other additives in the lubricant, then produce sideeffect.

4)Magnetic oils is a surface metal magnetization agent, mainly placeantifriction, antiwear effect. It validity is short, need to be addedcontinually. The cost is high, and would interrupt electronics parts normalwork in the car.

5) Theadditives which include copper, Pb, or other heavy metal particles could form alayer of metal firm with anti-wear and EP function, but must use a filter withlarger pore size, otherwise, it will be filtered out, clogging the oil pump andoil way.

6)Thenano-oil additives, nano materials with unique nano-effect, these productsusually have a good anti-wear, extreme pressure and self-healing performance,most nanotechnology products on the market today are faced with three technicalproblems: chemical stability, repeated dispersion, monodispersion, so they allhave deposit or delamination with different degree.

7) Nanooil additives with in-situ surface modification technology, not only has betterabrasion resistance, self-repair function, and more lasting antifrictioneffect, but also over come the common problems of poor stability anddispersion, without any side effect to the engine. It is recognized as the mostadvanced anti-wear and antifriction formula by the insider. Dunba Nano oilsaving & maintaining fluid is just the use of this principle, and combinesthe advantages of organic and inorganic nano materials as a whole, repairs wearand tear, reduces friction, noise and vibration, improves fuel economy,decreases emission, and extends lubricant and equipment service life. It is areal multifunctional nano lubricant additive.