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Nano-biochemical detector study progress


U.S. scientists have studied nano-biochemical detector successfully

University of Oregon, USA, Vicente • Lei Muqiao and other researchers design a new detection system that can detect harmful chemical and biological composition. The core and key of the technology is to use the performance of magnetic iron oxide nanoparticle materials, which can detect the birth of the existence of matter on the one hand, and on the other hand can quickly get the test results. The system overcomes the defects of traditional testing instruments which can only detect amplitude narrow (the detection of certain chemical substances can not be detected) and can not immediately get the defects of the test results. And the system use Nan scale iron particles with the help of the antibody to attract and identify the biochemical composition, and use "ferromagnetic resonance "method to rapidly display the results. This new detector can detect any component of air and water, with medical diagnosis, the many uses of the drug testing, environmental monitoring, water samples processing, and food safety, can play an important role in counter-terrorism operations.