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What is Nano and Nano effect?


Whatis Nano and Nano effect?
Nano is a unit ofspatial measurement that equals one-billionth (10-9) of a meter. The head of apin is about 1 million nanometers across. A human hair is about 60,000nanometers in diameter, while a DNA molecule is between 2-12 nanometers wide.
Nano effectmeans material physicochemical properties such as light, electricity andmagnetism, sound, thermal and mechanics will produce some peculiar changes whenmatter grain diameter decreases to nanometer scale range (1—100nanometers).These changes which are different from the macroscopic change andthe microcosmic change make matter appear a series of supernormalcharacteristics like high strength, high hardness, high heat capacity, highplasticity, high reaction activity and so on. This change in science callednano effect.