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FAQ (PartⅠ)


1. When do we add DUNBA product best?
From the angleof vehicles maintenance, you use our products the earlier the better. From theangle of the use effect, adding it when change the engine oil is better. Butnot used for vehicles in running-in period, or the running-in period will belasted.

2. Can add DUNBA products in petrol?
Please do not.

3. I am using high-quality engine oiland change oil on time, and is it useful that adding DUNBA products?
High-qualityengine oil is really better than normal oil, but it still cannot completely solvethe problem of abrasion caused by cold starting. Although the cold start andwarm-up time is not long, the abrasion caused by it is 50% of the total amount,even as high as 80%. Tests proved that our products can solve the abrasionproblem of starting and low temperature well, so that the engine life may beprolonged more than doubled. So long as you use our DUNBA products, it will beable to greatly extend the mileage of your car’s repair and service life, andeven get a roof of huge returns with two vehicles.

4. I am using the special engine oiladvised by manufacture, can I add DUNBAN maintenance liquid?
The standard of classification, viscosity grades and quality classification isunified. Manufactures choose an brand oil for their special oil through testscreening, and this oil is not specially configured for engine. DUNBA productscan be easily and stably dispersed in all kinds of engine oil, so you can restassured to use.

5. If my car has been used otheranti-wear additives, can it still be added with DUNBA products?
Generally say,it should not add other additives if you have added one, so you can use DUNBAnext time. Some need to be reminded is: The impurities formed by originaladditives protective film offing can contaminate the oil and plug circuit.Therefore, please check the engine oil after driving 1000-2000 kilometers withDUNBA product. If the impurities is increased and the color is black, plschange oil timely. The oil will gradually return to normal after changing.