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Nano oil additives for truck
Nano oil additives for truck
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Not only saving oil, but also maintainingyour love car :-)


Dunba Nano Fuel-saving & maintainingFluid is an energy saving environmental

protection product. It is produced bytechnical equipment with intellectual property rights, using Nano-alloyparticles, Nano-polymer and multifunctional additives. (Patent No.ZL200810032849.1)

Four Major Features

Fast: engine working environment improved,noise and vibration reduced, and power enhanced in 15 minutes.

Powerful: triple protection including innerreinforced, surface repaired and outer wear proofed by Nano-particles.

Environmental: reduce exhaust particles andsmoke emissions.

No side effects: it is suitable forlong-term use of various cars, without any adverse effects or side effects.

Nine Major Functions

Engine protection: triple protection toensure that the engine is powerful in any condition.

Scuffing reduction: 80%-90% reductions inengine wear and tear; still provide superior protection under the conditions oflubrication system failure or non-oil.

Fast start: superior lubrication functioncan significantly reduce the friction coefficient and improve the initialrotation speed.

Auto repair: wear and tear repaireddynamically, engine life extended 2-3 times.

Noise reduction: effectively reduce enginenoise and vibration.

Corrosion prevention: prevent frictionparts from corrosive pitting.

Power strengthening: restore the enginecylinder pressure. Power increase by 5%-35%.

Fuel saving: 5%-25% consumption saved.

Environmentally friendly: improve oilburning, blue smoke and other conditions, to reduce exhaust particles by20%-30% and smoke emissions by 50%.

Two Major Breakthroughs

Auto repaired: putengine maintenance intopractice by auto repaired using Nano-particles.

Three in one: maintaining, repairing andfuel-saving simultaneously.


The product can be easily and stablydispersed in all kinds of lubrication fluid. The main effect of this product iswear-proofing, repairing and fuel-saving. The product is suitable for all kindsof cars power and transmission systems.

How to use

Add the fluid to lubricating oil, keep theengine ticking over around 2 minutes, and start driving after mixing. Normalusage of this product is about 3.5% of the total lubricating oil, in otherwords, please mix 4 liters of lubricating oil with one bottle (150 grams) ofDBDS-012.

Payment Terms   30%deposit,70%balance against Copy of B/L